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Where we Walk your Dogs

We have a team of professional dog walkers and pet sitters based in Bath. Below are photo videos of places around Bath that our dog walkers prefer, please select an area below to view photo gallery. These are not the only places we walk, but these are the places we use most frequently.


Brean is a great place for walkies and dogs are allowed on the beach all year round! We take dogs out for day trips to Brean all throughout the year!

 Bannerdown Common

Bannerdown Common is on the road that leads to colerne from batheaston, bannerdown has plenty to offer and is used regularly by lots of dog walkers. Bannerdown not only has fields to play in but it has a great span of woods to wander through!

 Pomphrey Hill

Pomphrey Hill is situated in east Bristol in Mangotsfield, Pomphrey Hill is great and is favoured by most of the team in east Bristol, it has a cycle path for the more active dogs to run with, a lake for the dogs that like to swim and fish, fields for all of the dogs that like a good romp and woods for the hunters! Pomphrey also benefits a huge car park.

Bath Race Course

Bath Race course is a great place to walk dogs, its such a big place for the dogs to run and play, we walk here quite often, be aware you are not actually allowed to walk on the running track, just either side! We often park at the blaithwayt pub car park, you can grab a coffee to go here or have one after to warm up.


Arnos Vale Park

Arnos Vale Park which is off the back of Arnos Vale Cemetary, Arnos vale isn’t the biggest of parks, however it has many dogs and owners come to play on a daily basis. Arnos Vale park is situated in south bristol in Brislington.





Hanham is a fab place for walkies, it has woodland and lots of fields for the doggies to run and play in.


Oldbury Court Estate

Oldbury Court Estate is on our doorstep, so we walk here at least once a day!.



We walk at Paulton a few times a week, there is masses of open space here for the dogs to run free and most of the fields are enclosed for the doggies that dont have the best recall. There are a number of fields and places we use at Paulton.



Purdown stretches miles across Bristol and is along side the M32. Purdown has pretty much something for everyone; With a lake, woodland and fields that stretch for miles. We use Purdown 4-5 times a week.


We walked at Westonbirt for the first time in 2010 and haven’t looked back since! Westonbirt is a fantastic place, we normally visit westonbirt on the weekends as there is so much to look at here. Westonbirt truly has something for everyone.

Warmley and Willsbridge

Warmley and Willsbridge are 2 places that we walk a few times a week. Warmley has a Lake, stream, woodland and plenty of fields. We walk at Warmley mostly on the weekends. Willsbridge is a great place to walk at either the mill or the fields across the road, Willsbridge also has a stream, woodland and plenty of fields to run in.


Bathampton Downs

Bathampton Downs is the closest of walks to our Head Office in Bath, However there are cows in some of the downs and so the area is not used as often. However you can walk through the woods and all the way up to Claverton.


Bathampton Meadows

Bathampton Meadows is on the doorstep of our Bath head office, we use this area to walk in lots. The dogs love it here and some even go into the river for a swim!


K & A Canal

The canal is great for walkies and the dogs seem to love jumping in and out of the water during their walks along the canal. We avoid walking here during busy periods as many bikes use this path.


Kensington Meadows

Kensington Meadows is a great place to walk and many dog owners use this area, you can get to these meadows through Bathampton meadows, so we quite often walk here. It runs alongside the river so the braver dogs can have a swim.


Southwick Country Park

Southwick is about 15 mins from the Bath Head office and is worth the journey. Southwick has something for everyone with a cafe, animal area and is super dog friendly. There is a small pond/ lake that the dogs love to play and swim in too. We walk here every week.


Sydney Gardens

Sydney Gardens is a short distance from our Bath Branch; it is a lovely place to walk to along the canal. The canal runs straight through the gardens so a great rest stop or run stop for the dogs that need play time.