Doggie Days Out

This service is great for all dogs ages and size (minus the little puppies with little puppy legs) they are more like an adventure walk for your dog to explore new places and spend extra time walking too! We go to a variety of places for more information have a look at our walks page to see. Whilst your dog is with us they will get a variety of treats and access to water when they need it. They will be transported in one of our fully kitted out vans in the most comfort with a crate or area to themselves and lots of soft vet bed to rest their heads on for the journey back home. We may transport them for up to 1 hour if we go to the closest beach. These trek adventures may last up to 2 hours walking time, covering somewhere up to 5 miles. We email all of our customers to see if they would like a place for their dog and the information about the trek, the places are limited to 6 dogs at a time and it’s a first come first serve basis. Don’t delay get your dog booked in to their next adventure today. If you are a new customer and you want to find out more about this service please fill in the form below.


Solo Dog Walk
Solo Dog Walk

How much will it Cost?

These prices are correct as of 1st Jan 2024


Dog Day Out Prices

  Prices Including VAT
Dog Day Out (bookable only 6 spaces) £ 34.80 per dog 




Booking An Induction

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