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Dog Training

We provide an excellent dog training service for you and your dog. This is particularly good if you have a young puppy, we can help you with basic training if you are a first-time dog parent but we can also help you with advanced training and trick training. Heather is a qualified behaviourist and trainer and the Team Manager is a qualified dog trainer with the IMDT. Our dog training programs will be designed to suit you and your dog’s needs and will enable you and your dog to live a happy healthy lifestyle. we can help with things like basic puppy training, pulling on a lead, recall training, jumping up and lots of other training issues.

One to One Training (1 Hour session) £92.40

We provide one to one training for you and your dog. Regardless of your dog’s age, we are here to help- you can teach an old dog new tricks! From teaching your puppy to come back to you when called to teaching your adult dog to load the washing machine, one of our experienced dog trainers can help you. These sessions must be booked in advance and payment must be made at the time of booking to reserve the place.

Puppy preparation training session ONLINE £75 (Incl VAT)- 1 hour – IN PERSON £92.40 (Incl VAT) – 45 Minutes

Do you have a new puppy coming? Are you worried about what you need to get ready and would like some help and guidance from a professional to get your pup new home started off on the right paw. We offer one hour one to one consultations with one of our trainers covering:   *How to create a safe haven for your puppy *Puppy proofing your home *Enrichment for your puppy *Socialisation with your puppy *Basic training and training principles with your puppy *Toilet training your puppy *Prevent chewing

Puppy package £180 2 x 1-hour sessions 

This package is for those of you that already have your puppy, or for the super organised humans out there that are awaiting a puppy and want to get session booked in right away! We have designed 2 sessions of training for your puppy that can be done from your home and all the family can get involved- this may help you give your puppy the best start and get you ahead of your training plans. These are designed for puppies that are at least 10 weeks old. Each session is 1 hour and the program is below: Session 1

  • Hand touch
  • Socialisation (includes a short walk)
  • Free work
  • Chewing and biting

Session 2

  • Calm dog- settle
  • Mental stimulation and exercise
  • Teaching a leave
  • Teaching a recall
  • Impulse control and frustration tolerance


Adult dog training consultations £92.40 (Incl VAT) 1 hour

We help with one to one training with your new rescue dog or with your exisiting adult dog. Our one  hour consult can cover:   *Safe Haven *Basic training principles *Recall Training *Loose lead training *Socialisation *Enrichment *Impulse control and frustration tolerance, but if you have your own training issue that you need help with just let us know we can tailer the consult to your needs.

Behavioural modification

Heather is a qualified Clinical Animal behaviourist and she provides one to one behavioural modification programmes please visit for more information.
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Heather's Dog Walking Service
Heather's Dog Walking Service
Heather's Dog Walking Service

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