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Homewood and The Bird Hotel Dog Sitting Services

We are offering dog-friendly hotel services to make a stay in the city of Bath a breeze with your pooch! We have paired up with Homewood and The Bird to offer the most dog-friendly experience and a trip to Bath. We can look after your pooch so you can explore the heritage of bath and we can also walk them too, providing them with lots of exercise making the sleep away from home relaxing and dreamy! Our pet care do sitting team are very well trained and highly experienced all of which have a pet first aid qualification too. We are able to provide training services for your pooch whilst they are in our care – so if you are struggling with something just let us know, during their time with us we will provide them with pee stops, dinner, and lots of mental stimulation too!

Dog sitting (we take care of your pooch in your hotel room and in the surrounding parks nearby the hotel) rates: We can sit with your dog in your room whilst you go out and explore or have a session at the spa or even dinner in the restaurant.  Our hours of work are Mon-Saturday 9 am-10 pm and Sunday 9 am-10pm.

Dog Sitting: £22.80 per hour 1-4 hours

Dog Sitting: £19.20 per hour 4 + hours

Late Home fee: £25 (first hour)

Dog walk: 45 minute walk for your pooch in the local area £19.20

Our Packages: We have a few bolt-on packages that you can add to your stay- these must be booked in advance and paid for at the time of booking- please contact us to book.

Breakfast club: Want a lay-in? we can help you by taking your dog out for a walk in the morning for you we run this service between 8.30 am (pick up time) and 11.30 am drop back time)- your dog will get 1 hour of fun on their walk with us followed by a towel down and breakfast (total time of service 1.5 hours) £28.80 Incl VAT.

Adventure session : we can take your pooch out for a longer walk further a field, they will be out for a few hours and should come back tired- you could combine this session with a spa session too allowing you more time to explore our city. £90  Incl VAT (3 hours total).

Spa session (Fridays only): We also offer a pampering session for your pooch- If you are relaxing at the spa during your stay they could too, luxury dog transportation to our specialist grooming room in Bathampton for a 4-hour spa session, leaving your pooch looking and smelling amazing! Your dog will get a full groom, blueberry facial, and head massage during their time at the spa. £90 Incl VAT.