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Puppy Playschool

This service is new for 2020, as a rise in lockdown puppies and lack of socialisation; we have opened up a puppy school in Bathampton bath. At our licensed premises we take up to 6 dogs for each play school session. Our sessions are designed to socialise and help train puppies up to 5.5 months of age, bringing on the most robust adult dogs of the future. The program was put together by Heather Thomas CCAB, a leading behaviorist and qualified dog trainer, ensuring that each puppy benefits in terms of socialisation and training.
At pup playschool, alongside your pup having as much fun as they can they also learn new tricks and you also get sent away with homework to practice too!
We offer sessions on two days each week Wednesday and Fridays and our sessions are from 9 am-12.30 pm, all pick-ups and drop-offs are socially distanced.
We have lots for the puppies to explore from sandpits to grooming shed they will become habituated to lots of things and we help them to explore the world with fun!


Dog Walking Service
Dog Walking - Group Walk

How much will it Cost?

These prices are correct as of 1st September 2019

Dog Walking and Pet Visit Prices

Prices Including VAT
Walking 1 Hour £ 18.00
Walking 1 Hour (2 Dogs) £ 27.60
Walking/Visit 30 mins £ 12.00
Walking / Visit 30 mins (2 Dogs) £ 18.00
2 x 30 min puppy visits in a day £ 22.80
15 min visit let out visit 1 dog £ 9.60
15 min let out visit 2 dogs £ 13.20
15 min pet visit 1 pet 1 visit per day £ 9.60
15 min pet visit 1 pet 2 visit per day £ 16.80
15 min pet visit 2 pet 1 visit per day £ 12.60
15 min pet visit 2 pet 2 visit per day £ 19.80



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