After a quick check of the van and refresh of the water bowls I head off at 9. 15 am. I pop the fan on for the van because its already 13 degrees!

I pick up my 4 morning dogs and head out to overscourt woods. I picked overscourt because it is usually quiet and I had a couple of live wires (Juniper and Baxter I’m looking at you!)
We take a stroll through the fields and up into the woods. This is where things get playful especially between Baxter and Juniper, Fly and Maisie are much more grown up and didn’t really want to play.

After the walk I drop the dogs home, doing some swaps with my afternoon dogs along the way.

I decide to go back to overscourt again, as again a couple of live wires!
I bumped into Jo with her 2 dogs in the carpark. We had a quick catch up, Jo didn’t join me for the walk as she had already agreed to meet Ami.

I took my woofers around into the fields, they were all being surprisingly calm. I had Redd and Charlie on loose leads so it was easier if I needed to catch them up. We wandered up through the woods and bumped in to Ami and Jo!
The dogs loved it, they had a quick play with each other and got extra treats from Ami.

We separated after a few minutes as we had too many dogs to walk together.
I was slowly heading back to the van, when I decided to take the longer route back, this was a mistake…

The dogs found the only muddy part of the stream left, everywhere else had dried up.

So Charlie and Redd decided to lie down and even put their heads in the 4 foot of muddy water. The other two supposedly more sensible dogs Skye and Edie even joined them in the mud!

So at the end of my walk I had 4 wet, smelly dogs. Thank god for our camping showers in the van!
I washed Redd, skye and Edie fairly easily, but Charlie ohh Charlie.
He likes the wash but was rolling in the floor and even when I could get him to be still it only took a thin layer of mud off.
Charlie shook so much I had to rinse the side of the car next to the van!

I took all of the dogs home. And even rewashed Charlie outside of his house but he still had a hint of grey! Luckily his owners were home and every understanding. He was going to be spending some time in his garden!

When I got home I had to wash several of the crate vet beds, all of my towels, some collars and leads and my uniform too!

So that was my fun (if slightly smelly) Tuesday.

Written by our Bristol Team Leader, Emma