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Hotel Dog Sitting Terms and Conditions 


Thank you for booking your dog into our hotel sitting service, below is all of our terms and
conditions and information about this service.

Our hotel sitting service is perfect for dogs of all ages and helps you and your family to have some
time exploring the area without the worry of your dog or enabling you to go to visit places where
dogs are not allowed. How the sitting works:

Once you have emailed us and filled in the booking form with the specified hotel date and times, you
will be sent an invoice.

Once the invoice is paid your booking is confirmed, the sitter will arrive at reception on the specified
date to sit with your dog.

Our sitter will arrive 15 minutes before the dog sit so that they can get more information from you
and get to know your dog before you leave, this is the perfect time to show us around your hotel

Heather Thomas Director


To change a booking please contact us as soon as you know about a change 0778462698

If you would like your sitter to stay later than planned, please contact us as soon as you know, to avoid a late home fee.


0-4 hours sitting £21.60 per hour

4 + hours sitting £18 per hour

Breakfast club £21.60

Dog walk £18 45 minute walk

Late home fee £25 (this is charged for anytime up to the first hour, then its £20 every hour

Adventure day (2-2.5 Hours out)

Spa pamper £72 (Thursday and Fridays subject to space) ADVANCE BOOKING RECOMMENDED


Invoices are sent via email using the details provided on the booking form. Payment should be made via online bank transfer 2 days before the actual booking takes placeor incash to the dog sitter upon the sitters arrival. If paying in cash please pay correct amount as the sitter will not have access to change. Late home fees will be payable on the evening of the dog sit upon your return.


Should you need to cancel the service please contact heather on 07784626598

To change the time of your service please contact Heather non 0778462698 (there may be a charge for any changes)

We have a cancellation policy- this means that if we do not get 48 hours notice and you need to cancel you will still be charged full price for the services booked in.

Our dog sitters

All of our dog sitters are insured through our company insurance with third party liability and care custody and control. All of our sitters have access to a fully kitted out vehicle in case of emergencies

All of our sitters are trained in animal behaviour and welfare

All of our sitters are DBS checked and you are welcome to view documents ahead of the dog sit by email, please ask.

Hotel Information

The dog sitting is carried out in your hotel room, if you need a sitter on your arrival day and have not
yet checked in- please let us know as there are some options we might be able to help with. We are able to have access to most of the hotel excluding the restaurant whilst we are taking careof
your dog, and we know all the local spots to walk safely in the area. We ensure that all dogs have a 20 min walk/rest stop outdoors for every 1 hour they are in. You must ensure that there is a water bowl in your room for your dog.

If your dog needs feeding during the sit time please leave food and a note to specify the time. We will need to have your room key while you are gone
Our sitters will need access to the room toilet

Our sitters may bring their own tea bags and cup ect but use your rooms kettle, if you are not happy for us to do this please let us know beforehand

Dog behaviour

If your dog has any behavioural problems such as dislikes being left alone, nervous of noises, people or other dogs please ensure to write it on the booking form.

If your dog is required to wear a muzzle please inform us about this right away and bring it with you. Sometimes we may sit for 2 dogs at a time, we would inform you of this beforehand, however please let us know if this would not be appropriate for your dog to be with another dog.

During your dogs walk, or if you have booked breakfast club, your dog may be walked with other
dogs, please let us know if this would not be appropriate for your dog. We may come across dogs in the hotel and on our walk and for some dogs this may be a worry- please let us know if this is the case so we can take necessary precaution. All dogs will be kept on a lead for all walks and when moving around the hotel.

Spa Packages

Spa packages need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment
Dogs are transported from the hotel in a van to the spa location
Any dogs that are matted will incur extra charges
Please ensure to let us know if your dog is worried about having their hair brushed or cut so we can take precautions. Emergency contacts
In the event of an emergency we will contact you on the number provided on the booking form. If you need to get hold of us or the sitter please contact 07784626598 or 07808648784, our sitters
do not give out their personal phone numbers.

Things to bring with you

To help your dog settle in and feel a bit more comfortable we suggest bringing the following long to your hotel stay:

Comfy bed
Water and food bowl
Food and treats
Poo bags

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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