I have been using Heather’s Pet Services for nearly six months now and recommend her to all my friends. Martha looks forward to her walks with Heather and always comes back exhausted. I have found Heather to be extremely flexible, reliable and trustworthy and Martha loves her!
Hilary from Fishponds

I have been using the services of Heathers Pet Services since 2007 and have always been very happy with the level of care and commitment Heather provides. My dog Molly looks forward to her time out on walks. Because of Heathers Pet Services I can go to work knowing that my dog is happy, exercised and being social with other people and dogs. If it weren’t for the service Heather provides I don’t think it would be possible to have my dog and work. I would recommend Heathers Pet Services to anyone who is looking for a caring, good, valued and communicative service.
Sharon from Kingswood

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a dog -sitting service as I had never used one before, I was very impressed with level of consideration and care offered by Heather’s Pet Services. Whilst I was away I received text messages keeping me informed of the dog’s well being. When I returned Heather’s Pet Services had prepared a written report of each day’s activities. It was a great relief to be able to go on holiday knowing that Bruce was in his own environment with somebody he knew (and liked- eventually !!) and to know that the house was also being looked after. I would highly recommend Heather’s Pet Services and will definitely be using when I next go on holiday.
Sarah from Oldbury Court

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