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The Settling in Period

May 8, 2018

This week has seen an enormous jump both in Nell’s physical ability and also her awareness of her own surroundings. She is much more alert to things around her and is starting to get lots of energy!!

It is important that you allow puppies to still get their rest failure to settle could result in an over tired puppy and therefore behavioural problems could develop; this is because puppies like children cannot learn properly when they are overtired, their bodies could become full of adrenaline to cope with the stress.

She is sleeping very well at night she can sometimes take a while to settle. If I need to use the bathroom in the night Nell will rouse and then I have to take her into the garden to toilet. There is something quite magical about being in the garden at 4am. We’ve had some very heavy frosts this week so it has been cold too. I do find though that this early toilet gets results straight away. When Nell does her business I always use the word “wee wee”, to help her make an association. This is very useful later in life when the need for your dog relieve themselves is important, such as a motorway stop etc.

Bed time routines are important to implement with your new puppy, we recommend giving your puppy their last feed on the evening no later than 6pm to help with toileting during the night. Taking them for a short walk around 8pm to relieve themselves, and then making sure they are given the opportunity to do their business before bed time. Getting up early to set your puppy up to win with toilet training will help during those early weeks.

Nell’s energy levels have now got up to full speed. She is starting to become physically active for longer times in the day; she is exploring her world more than ever now. Nell is also developing her confidence she has mastered up and down stairs now, so the stair gate at the bottom of the stairs and creating time for her to have down time away from stimulus is now a must.

puppy gangWe have had much less toileting in the house although I do still have to keep an eye on her at all times. Nell has not made the association between going out when she feels the need .I am still prompting her, lots of praise when she does go, Nell is sleeping well through the night and the very first thing that happens in the morning is out for a wee, I carry Nell down stairs to avoid her weeing before she gets out.

Make sure that toilet breaks are offered after waking, before bed time, before and after feeding and play time.

Nell is starting to get basic commands however if something more interesting comes her way she can lose interest. I have noticed that Nell is not puppy biting much less zero tolerance on this ALWAYS. If Nell puts her teeth anywhere near me play stops everything stops.

nell dog walkI am just exploring what motivates Nell; dogs can be motivated by a variety of things dependant on the individual. Nell does like her food but also likes to play tug with pullers. Biting should never be ignored if your puppy bites you during play; play must stop immediately.

This is Nells 11th week and she can go out for her first walks a week after her 2nd injection. I of course like any other new puppy owner couldn’t wait and we had or first stroll around our very local park. I took Amber with us for 2 reasons I hate her feeling excluded when I do anything with Nell and also Nell will follow her. The walk was a success Nell loved the freedom of the grass I left her on a long line but she came when I called her and she didn’t wander far from Amber or me.

Keep walking times restricted, growing puppies have delicate bones and need to have a good balance of walk time and socialisation time. We recommend as an average guide 5 minutes off lead for each month of age. That said you should try to avoid strenuous ball chasing and vigorous or continuous running so the joints are not under stress when they are growing.